Songkhla students buying Valentine’s roses from Chiang Mai in droves


SONGKHLA, 12 February 2015 – The loving atmosphere of Valentine’s Day is noticeable right now in Songkhla province, especially around school areas where students are flocking to buy roses from Chiang Mai province. 

Yes, the Valentine’s Day spirit is in the air in Songkhla province, especially at schools such as Woranari Chaloem Songkhla School, in the Muang District of Songkhla province. Street vendors are selling roses of various colors, especially red and white ones, along with Valentine’s Day themed dolls. The students are buying the flowers to give to their close friends, graduating seniors and their beloved teachers to show their respect and love. As Valentine’s Day falls on Saturday this year, many are giving each other flowers and presents before the weekend starts.

The prices of these red and white roses from Chiang Mai province that are sold on the streets of Songkhla range between 10-15 Baht for the cheapest and can go up to 80-100 Baht. Most students tend to go for the lower price range ones, as they still are dependent on their parents for money and cannot afford the pricier flowers.