Songkhla holds emergency drill meeting


SONGKHLA – the southern province of Songkhla has held provincial-level emergency drills, involving three new bodies.

Songkhla officials convened a meeting to discuss disaster management, preparations and mock rescue operations. The meeting was attended by representatives from the provincial offices of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Public Health, and Land Transport, as well as the Songkhla Police.

This year, three additional bodies, namely the Royal Thai Armed Forces, Miracle of Life Foundation, and vocational institutes, have participated in the program to enhance its efficiency. Military units and the Miracle of Life Foundation will be in charge of rescue and evacuation operations. Vocational institutes will be tasked with food relief and repair services.

The disaster drills focus on rescue missions and mitigating the effects of floods and storms, which occur in the province on a regular basis. Activities will take place between February and March.