‘Somchai’ leads a team of ex-politicians to enroll in Pheu Thai Party


BANGKOK, 4 Dec 2013, Former Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat and a team of Residence 109 Faction who had been banned from politics for 5 years by the Constitutional Court applied for the Pheu Thai Party membership on Tuesday, after their political ban has expired. 

The head of the Pheu Thai Party Jarupong Ruengsuwan welcomed Mr. Somchai and the ex-People’s Power Party members. Mr. Jarupong was seen personally putting the party’s jackets on the applicants, gesturing a warm welcome to the country’s ruling party.

When asked if he prepares to step up as the Prime Minister in case of a political accident, Mr. Somchai denies the claim, saying that he does not have a particular plan regarding his political career. He added the prestigious position should be handed down to the younger generation.

Nonetheless, Mr. Somchai expressed his admiration to the Government regarding its handling of the protesters in which non-violent methods were employed to avoid confrontations. He referred to the recent turn of event when the administration allowed protesters to enter Government House without armed objection.