Society urged to pay more attention to Thai youth


BANGKOK, 21 May 2011 -An academic from Chulalongkorn University says Thai politics could be in the right direction if needs and demands of the younger generation are heard while a first time politician expressed his wish for the Thai public to accept the election result.

Mr. Pitch Pongsawad, Chulalongkorn University academic, said in a seminar concerning politics and the young generation that the topic has been widely discussed in the society. Younger people have been encouraged to express their opinions; he said, however, their voices have not often been heard, adding that this is the problem that has hampered the efficiency of the Thai political system.

He urged that the society should pay more attention to what the younger generation has to say as an alternative to solving social divides. Meanwhile, a member of the young generation, Mr. Setthawut Yuttawarakul, said the Thai society has high hope that the upcoming election will help solve the political crisis. He urges that everyone in the society should accept its outcome.