Social Development & Human Security permanent secretary visits Nakhon Ratchasima


NAKHON RATCHASIMA – Permanent Secretary for Social Development and Human Security, Maitree Intusut has travelled to Nakhon Ratchasima to brief officials on the government’s policy on the protection of human trafficking victims. 

Mr. Maitree’s visit came weeks before the U.S. Government’s issuance of Trafficking in Persons Report in June. The Permanent Secretary for Social Development and Human Security told local officials to uphold the government’s zero-tolerance policy towards human trade.

According to Mr. Maitree, the government attempts to fix legal loopholes by passing laws that especially deal with human trafficking criminal procedure and increasing penalties against offenders as well as setting up bodies of legal experts to oversee all steps of criminal investigation and legal proceedings.

Mr. Maitree said Thailand was the only country in Southeast Asia to have formulated a legal mechanism aimed at ensuring help and protection for victims of human trade, including local and foreign labourers working in the fishing industry.

The Permanent Secretary for Social Development and Human Security stressed that all victims of human trafficking would be treated in accordance with the human rights principles and standards, regardless of gender, age and race.

The government has set up eight welfare protection centres for people affected by human trade in different regions of the country. The centres helped 471 Thai and foreign nationals last year.