Six Myanmar illegal migrants arrested with large number of grenades


Soldiers, police and local authorities yesterday arrested six Myanmar migrants and seized a large number of grenades during a search at a house near Mae Sod district border in Tak province.


The raid was the result of a tip-off that a home in Mae Ku sub-district located along the Thai – Myanmar border in Tak province was a hideout of illegal migrant workers and they were suspected to engage in illegal activities.

As authorities moved in, all the people inside ran out and escaped in all directions.

But they were all apprehended, one is a woman.

An initial inspection of the house showed nothing out of the ordinary but a search bellow the house just alongside a cow pen revealed that a large pit had been dug and covered with soil.

Removing the earth covering, authorities found a fertilizer bag that contained a scoped rifle and a large suitcase.

When the case was opened they found 141 new M67 grenades and another 51 M79 grenades.

In addition, a large cache of field gear, stores and provisions were also found.

All were detained for questioning.


Authorities believed that they might involve with either an illegal arms trading outfit or a narcotics operation which were attempting to sell the weapons to militant ethnic minority groups located across the border from Thailand.