Six more new Coronavirus cases reported in Thailand


BANGKOK – Thai Public Health Ministry reports six more confirmed new coronavirus cases in the country, raising the total cases in Thailand to 14.

All of six new cases are visitors from China. Five of them are members of the same family, aged between 6-70 years from Wuhan, Hubei province. The other case was travelling in the same tour group.

Out of all 14 cases, detected in Thailand, five cases were fully recovered and discharged from hospital while nine others remain hospitalized and placed under close medical surveillance.

From Jan 3 -27, Thailand reported 137 cumulative suspected new coronavirus cases, including 29 cases, detected at the airport screening processes and 107 cases, who sought medical treatment themselves.

Out of all suspected cases, 55 cases returned home and most of them had seasonal flu. The remaining 81 cases have been placed under quarantine. (TNA)