Singburi holds Bang Rajan Memorial Day


SINGBURI, 3 July 2015- The central province of Singburi last night organized a Bang Rajan Memorial Day, commemorating the courage, patriotism and sacrifice of the Khai Bang Rajan heroes who defended their home against Burmese invaders to the last man during the Burmese–Siamese War in 1765–1767.

Officials from the provincial administration office, district office, police, and the military as well as Singburi locals Attended the event held in Khai Bang Rajan District.

The province this year marked its 249th year anniversary of the historic event with a massive merit-making ceremony joined by 245 monks. Many event-goers also participated in a meditation session and a candle-lit procession, honoring the men and women who fearlessly gave their lives defending Khai Bang Rajan two and a half centuries ago.