Samut Songkhram inspects its fisheries


SAMUT SONGKHRAM, 3 July 2015, Officials from the Samut Songkhram Administration office, Marine office and Social Development and Human Security office yesterday inspected fishing vessels docking at piers on Mae Klong River.

The inspections came as the government stepped up policies preventing illegal fishing in the country. Fishing operators without appropriate licenses from July 4 onward will be arrested. The majority of fishing vessels docked in the piers have been waiting for their licenses to be issued.

Officials said the inspections are also meant to inform fishermen of the registration process and educate them of the importance of having the appropriate license for their fishing operation. A legal fishing vessel must have licenses for all of the ship’s personnel, registration documents for the vessel itself, and a permit for fishing. Each vessel must also equip with a Vessel Monitoring System.

An estimated 1,100 fishing vessels in Samut Songkhram have filed for registration, but only 50 percent have been approved. Currently, 400 vessels waiting for the approval are docked in piers across the province, which have a limited capacity.