Singburi Governor announces 130 alcohol-free areas during Songkran festival


SINGBURI, 4 April 2014  – Singburi Governor Surapol Sawangsak said that more effort is necessary to ensure road safety during Songkran, and that there will be specific designated areas for the festive water splashing tradition, in an effort to reduce accidents and the loss of life.

Therefore, in order to prevent and reduce the number of accidents during this year’s Songkran festival, Gov. Surapol announced that there will be 130 alcohol-free areas where the water splashing tradition will take place. Moreover, vehicles with water containers, water guns or related equipment, as well as people who are celebrating, can enter these areas between 11.00-19.00 hours.

While fun water play is acceptable, immoral behavior such as getting naked, being violent and selling alcohol in these areas will be strictly prohibited according to the relevant legislation.

The 130 designated areas are mostly situated around temple areas, ancient areas, government offices, public park areas, and some roads near irrigation canals that have been famous for water festival activities.