Shootout by rival gangs in north Pattaya



Gun crime is certainly on the rise in Pattaya and with little police presence especially at night, the streets and pubs are littered with unsavory locals who seem regardless of the laws of their land.


At 5.50am on June the 6th police were called to the ‘Ping Pub’ in north Pattaya where there had been a shootout.

29 year old Kiatisak Boonchuelua, who is a shareholder of the pub and also works for a local newspaper stated a group of teenagers were chasing some other teenagers and were firing at them

The bullet hole shows how serious the gang problem is getting.The bullet hole shows how serious the gang problem is getting.

Nobody was hurt with only one bullet hitting a car and then the rival gang’s disappeared into the night.

Police kept his statement and bullet shells as evidence however no one could give a description of the gang members and until the police force start patrolling the streets in Pattaya at night, this will surely be something that we will see more of.