Shooting on Songkran day


Songkran holiday might have not been a happy time for everyone as Manat Thongchai, 31, was found in a critical way  after luckily escaping numerous deadly gun shots and receiving only a bullet wound to his hip.

The shooting occurred in front of his house in Nongyai Sub-district. Police kept a number of empty bullet shells found near the house as evidence.

Manat gave a statement to police that he just arrived in Pattaya city the day before to join his relatives for Songkran.

In the evening he went out for a pool game at a place just about 500 meters away from his house. Manat said there he unintentionally bumped into a local thug and had an argument with him. Manat said he didn’t want to cause any trouble and decided to leave the building.

Victim is seen with bullet wounds to his hipVictim is seen with bullet wounds to his hip

Manat said after he arrived home and opened a bottle of whiskey to drink, a group of 10 men came on their motorbikes and stopped at the house. Without any warning and with all sorts of weapons in their hands, they started firing at him and disappeared a few seconds later.

Manat was transferred to hospital to remove the bullets and tend to his wounds. Police believed the shooters were still in the area and were confident they could bring them to jail by means of eye witnesses and evidence in hand.

Shooting on Songkran day