Shooting at Police can often backfire.


On August 5th Banglamung police and Sawang Boriboon foundation personnel inspected an injured 33 year old man named Kitijaroen Swanyavisut who had received bullet wounds to his right knee and left foot in a rented room in Soi Map Yai Lia 24, Nongprue.

The police found a Honda Wave motorbike with some blood stains and an automatic 0.38 mm hand gun under his bed.

Police sergeant major Noppadol Chamathi stated that Kitijaroen had earlier visited his restaurant in Soi Siam Country Club for a meal but had been involved in a heated argument with another group of teenagers.

The hot headed Thai man is treated at the hospital.

He said he tried to break up the dispute after which Kitijaroen lost face and jumped on his motorbike threatening the officer that he would come back.

After a short period of time Kitijaroen did return this time with a gun and he fired some shots into the restaurant therefore the police officer defended himself by firing back, two of which hit Kitijaroen.

While the paramedics were treating the Kitijaroen on the floor in his rented room, about 10 young men who were with Police officer Noppadol started kicking and punching the Kitijaroen in the face and body before the dutiful police officers got them to stop.

Kitijaroen was transferred to the Memorial Hospital and despite the attack on him in front of police officers, he will be charged with shooting at the restaurant.

Shooting at Police can often backfire.