Seven injured in bomb blast in downtown Trang province


Seven people were injured in a bomb explosion in downtown Trang province Thursday afternoon.

Seven injured in bomb blast in downtown Trang province

All the injured were later rushed to two hospitals in the Muang district for treatment.

The blast, believed from an improvised explosive device, occurred on the Ruenrom road or the walking street of Trang municipality which is about 150-200 metres from several government offices, including the provincial hall, the district police station and the provincial election commission’s office.

Trang governor Detrath Simsiri and Pol Maj-Gen Daoloi Muendet, the provincial police commander were among 100 policemen, military personnel and local officials who were rushed to the scene immediately after the explosion.

Police said that the walking street which is popular among tourists and locals was not crowded at the time of the explosion as vendors were still arranging their sale booths and stalls.

Earlier one day in Phuket, a bomb scare took place when Patong beach police were rushed to goods stalls in front of Paradise hotel when notified of the presence of two objects suspected to be bombs.

Police later said that they were inflammable materials attached with mobile phones and were intended to start a fire.