Seminar held as part of Sueb Nakasathien anniversary event


Bangkok, 10th September 2018  – A recent seminar marking the 28th anniversary since the passing of environmental activist Sueb Nakasathien, discussed technology and innovations that can help preserve the environment.

At the seminar titled “Drone Innovations for Conservation”, Director of Burapha University’s Eastern Region Center for Space Technology and Geo-Informatics, Krisanai Charoenjitara described a manatee survey using small adapted robots and how they solved issues to do with using human piloted aircraft to carry out the study. The aircraft were disruptive to the animals while also coming at a high cost. Robots meanwhile have proved fast and efficient in collecting data and have contributed greatly to manatee conservation planning. They are soon to be used to study other such animals.

The drones however, helped discover that manatees are endangered off the coast of Trang province with only 210 accounted for in 2017. The sea creatures are still hunted by poachers who believe they can be used to create medicinal remedies and who wish to create amulets from their organs.

The Sueb Nakaksathien anniversary event also featured the sale of community-made products, with proceeds to go to the Sueb Nakasathien Foundation and its conservation efforts.