Security to be enhanced in Koh Tao following murder of two tourists


SURAT THANI, 18 September 2014 – The Surat Thani governor has ordered beefing up of security measures in Koh Tao following the gruesome murder of two young British backpackers that happened on the night of September 12. 

Surat Thani governor Chatpong Chatphut has expressed his condolences over the murder case and has vowed to establish safety for all tourists.

He stated that over the past two years, there has never been a single violent incident on the normally peaceful island of Koh Tao. Nonetheless, Mr. Chatpong is willing to apply certain laws on the island to prevent repetition of a similar tragedy.

Tourists have been requested to avoid venturing into dimly-lit areas from 6:00pm onwards for their own safety. CCTV cameras are to be installed across areas that are prone to criminal activities.

From now on, Koh Tao would only allow the Full Moon Party celebrations to be held, whereas the Half Moon Party and the Black Moon Party would no longer be permitted on the island.