Security reinforced in Hatyai until the end of Ramadan


SONGKHLA, 7 August 2012 -Songkhla Provincial Police Deputy Commander Police General Akapob Prasitwattanachai has expressed his confidence that Hatyai will be peaceful throughout the Ramadan period. 

According to the Deputy Commander, police have set 45 checkpoints along roads through which vehicles have access to Hatyai, and those that link the 3 southern most provinces.

Safety has been reinforced following the latest explosion at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel in Hatyai. Police and military patrols, both on foot and by car, have been deployed to maintain law and order. Their presence, according to Police General Akapob, is meant to put pressure on the insurgents.

Approximately a thousand of them will continue to keep their eyes on the city of Hatyai until the end of the holy month of Ramadan and Hari Raya festival. Passengers on the trains crossing the Thai-Malaysian border will be frisked; they will also have to walk through a body scanner before they leave Hatyai Train station.