Security agencies to discuss with EC on preparations for new poll


BANGKOK, April 5 – Several security-related agencies have agreed to discuss with the Election Commission (EC) on preparations for a new nationwide poll.

EC secretary general Puchong Nutrawong said senior officials of the three armed forces and other agencies in charge of security will join a meeting on Tuesday to assess the situation and discuss about the general election.

A new nationwide balloting is required after the Constitutional Court nullified the Feb 2 general election following a failure to organise the balloting at every constituency throughout the country on the same day.

He said experience from the Feb 2 general election will be considered to facilitate an assessment of the situation, adding that a meeting with 73 political parties is set for April 22.

Many political parties have informed the EC that they would join the April 22 talks, he said.

Mr Puchong said the EC has received more than 25 complaints relating to the March 30 election of senators but an announcement to endorse elected senators will be made on Tuesday as originally scheduled.

He said the qualification of elected candidate, Jaruvan Maintaka, will be scrutinised by the Bangkok election commissioners, and not the Central EC, following complaints by some groups of people.

Jaruvan received the highest tally of votes in the March 30 Senate election. Some people are insisting she should be disqualified due to a pending case at the National Anti-Corruption Commission.