Seaside provinces continue to monitor human trafficking in fisheries


BANGKOK-Authorities in seaside provinces continue to inspect fishing vessels and monitor their operations rigorously in a bid to prevent illegal fishing and human trafficking. 

Deputy Samut Prakan Governor Thanu Boonlerd and other officials involved in the management of fishery workers have re-inspected fishing vessels along the provincial coast. They found nothing illegal after demanding to see proof of work permits, employment contracts, fishing licenses as well as port in-port out records from boat operators.

Crew members who failed to present necessary documents were fined and reminded to comply with the regulations. In Phuket, Navy Operations Center Secretary General Admiral Pallop Tamisanon and his entourage traveled to the Port in Port Out Control Center to observe the progress of solutions to the illegal fishing and human trafficking problems.

Admiral Pallop revealed after the inspection that every fishing vessel complied with the law and that no worker abuse was found.