Sea water quality around Samet returning to normal


RAYONG, 11 Sep 2013 Quality of sea water at 12 beaches around Rayong’s Samet Island, except for Ao Phrao’s, is returning to normal. 

The Pollution Control Department reported the Petroleum Hydrogen Carbon (TPH) level at Ao Phrao is still above the standard limit. It urges the public to refrain from swimming in the area. Twelve other beaches do not possess a dangerous level of TPH.

According to the results of the 8th and 9th sea water inspections by the department, the 12 beaches show medium pH effects while the amount of Oxygen in water is also within the safety level.

The heavy metal probe in the aforementioned waters also returned a satisfactory result.

As a result, the Pollution Control Department speculated that the sea water quality in Rayong coast would return to normal within 2 months. The speculation also came after the department had conducted the 3rd inspection of seawater at 9 stations along the coast.

The department reassured that measures will be placed to restore the coast back to its original beauty.