Scores of people get their Bike For Dad shirts at National Stadium


BANGKOK – A large number of people traveled to receive shirts of the BIKE FOR DAD cycle event on the second day, commending the handing out of the shirts for its systematic management and speediness. Those who fail to receive a BIKE FOR DAD shirt during these two days can get one on 6 December 2015. 

BIKE FOR DAD shirts were handed out for the second day on Sunday at the National Stadium for the event’s bikers, disabled people as well as other people who had registered for the shirts and gifts. An ID card and hard copy or SMS of the registration document were required to be presented in order to receive the shirt, cyclist’s ID, bicycle’s ID and wristband.

Apart from the shirts, BIKE FOR DAD also gives gifts sponsored by the Royal Family.

Supreme Commander Gen. Sommai Kaotira said the handing out of BIKE FOR DAD shirts today ran smoothly. As for those who did not get the shirts and gifts on 28 – 29 November, they could still get them at the Armed Forces Development Command in Don Mueang on 6 December from 8 AM – 5 PM, said the supreme commander.