Sanam Luang ready for remembrance ceremony for King Rama IX


Bangkok – Officials at Sanam Luang have completed preparations for the commemoration of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Renovations and landscaping operations have been undertaken to accommodate the merit-making ceremony that takes place on Saturday. Officials have installed four large LED screens on the ceremonial grounds.

The consecration ceremony was due to commence on Saturday at 7:00am, with traffic lanes closed on Na Phra Lan and Na Phra That from Tha Phra Chan intersection to Wiset Chaisri Gate intersection.

The evening candle ceremony will begin at 7:00pm. Officials will close inner Ratchadamnoen Road as well as Na Phra That, Na Phra Lan, and the roads connected to Sanam Luang.

The government has invited Thais across the country and abroad to observe the day through religious practices according to their faith and to wear yellow, the symbolic color of the monarchy.