Salesman killed, 4 rangers wounded in two far South incidents


NARATHIWAT, Feb 11 – A computer salesman was killed in his car in Pattani, and four Thai army rangers were wounded in a bombing in Rangae district of this southern province on Sunday, according to official reports.

Kriangsak Sermsangsuk, a 35-year-old computer salesman, was shot dead by two gunmen on a motorcycle in broad daylight after leaving a school in Saiburi district enroute to another local school to sell tablet computers.

Four rangers attached to the 4513th Military Ranger Unit were wounded in the bombing as they sat in the vehicle. They were identified as Visarut Hunkratoke, chief of the 2nd military ranger team,  Sataporn Chuaman, Ekapol Tonpisa and Sathit Poolkaew.

The rangers were on the way to attend a training at the 46th Military Ranger Command.

Responding authorities found a 1-metre by 2-metre hole on the road and an 80-metre electrical wire lead from the explosion site to a nearby forest, as well as the remains of a 50kg gas cylinder. Their Toyota pickup truck was destroyed.

Rangers immediately searched the nearby forest and arrested a suspect, identified as Asmadee Seng, who was charged with involvement in the bombing.

Both incidents are believed ot be connected to the southern insurgency.