Russian man guilty of credit card fraud


On the afternoon of August the 2nd the fraud protection team at the Siam Commercial Bank alerted police that a foreigner had attempted to use a fake credit card to purchase some valuables at Thongsukh gold shop on 2nd road.

At the shop police detained a 27 year old Russian national named Alexander Gerasimenko who had 5 fake credit cards in his wallet.

Police display the Russian fraudsters along with the cloned cards.

The shop assistant stated that Gerasimenko came in to buy a gold necklace valued at 25,000 baht, however the credit card was not authorized.

The assistant contacted Siam Commercial Bank to try to get the sale to go through; however they stated that the card was fake.

Police took the Russian man to his residence on Pattaya-Naklua road and found his girlfriend, 24 year old Evgeniya Oshcheva, and were amazed to find 6 more counterfeit cards.

The fraud protection team informed police that the cards actually belonged to a man residing in the USA

Gerasimenko said his friend a British national known only as David, gave him the cards to use, but police couldn’t get hold of the Brit.

The Russian couple was charged with modifying, duplicating and using fake credit cards that cause damage to businesses.

Russian man guilty of credit card fraud