Runoff from border mountains floods Kanchanaburi


KANCHANABURI, Oct 9 – Thailand’s western province of Kanchanaburi was hit by flashflood due to forest runoff and water that flow from nearby province of Ratchaburi.

Heavy downpour from influence of tropical depression Gaemi turned low pressure cell in Kanchanaburi, forest runoff from the Tennsaserim Hills (called the Tanaosi Hills in Thai), and  volumes of water from earlier heavy rain in Ratchaburi accumulated in waterways which eventually overflow to flood the western province.

Rainfall measured at 130 mm/hour raised the level of Pachee Creek in Kanchanaburi’s Dan Makham Tia district above the critical point, but an automated flood alarm alerted residents to evacuate to higher ground.

Overflowing embankments, homes and farms were flooded. Many roads are under more than one metre of water which had cut access of many villages to the outside world.

Villagers moved valuables to higher ground with difficulty due to the strong flow of water.

Local authorities said that the water was quickly flowing into all parts of Dan Makham Tia district.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department said that the low pressure cell downgraded from tropical depression Gaemi has moved west and now covers Myanmar’s Gulf of Martaban.

Heavy rain continues in many areas of western Thailand, with particular warnings for low-lying areas of Kanchanaburi and Ratchaburi for another one or two days.