RTP to take action against teen street racing and bars near education institutes


BANGKOK, 27 July 2015, The Royal Thai Police is determined to tackle the issues of teen street racing and bars operating near education institutes.

According to the Royal Thai Police Spokesperson, Pol. Lt-Gen Prawut Thavornsiri, the majority of entertainment venue operators in Bangkok are willing to obey the new regulation calling for all establishments offering alcoholic beverages to be located away from education institutes by at least 300 meters.

Warnings will be given to venue operators who breach the regulation and arrests will be made if they defy the law.

Initially, entertainment venue operators in the capital and its vicinity have been in compliance with the authorities’s order, said Pol. Lt-Gen Prawut; however, those in the provinces would be reminded of the seriousness of the offence.

Speaking on the topic of teen street racing, the spokesperson said parents would from now on be held responsible for their kids repeated offense, adding that parents or the child guardians can request helps from police or the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, if needed.