Royal Thai Police warns computer users of ransomware virus


BANGKOK, 6 May 2015 – The Royal Thai Police has advised the public not to download programs from unreliable sources, after a large number of computers were reportedly infected by ransomware.

Communication Police Chief Police Lieutenant Wissanu Prasartthong-osot said that this type of malware could infect a computer system when the user is tricked into opening a suspicious file contained in an email. Most of those affected by the virus did not realize the email was sent by a third party impersonating someone they know.

The virus prevents the users from accessing their own computers. Victims of ransomware will then be required to pay by means of digital currency or ‘BitCoin’ to the third party if they wish to use their machine again.

The Communication Police Chief has told computer users to download a specific disinfection program at the following website:

They have also been told to install an antivirus program in their computer and to not download anything from suspicious sites.