Rong Kluea Border Market catches fire on night of October 28th


SA KAEO, 29 October 2014  – Firefighters have quickly contained a fire that broke out late last night at the Rong Kluea Border Market in Sa Kaeo province.

After having tried to put out the fire for more than two hours, authorities deployed backhoes to smash some stalls that were razed by the fire. More than 30 people worked painstakingly to prevent the fire from spreading, as there were strong winds and a lot of shops clustered together.

The fire has destroyed a total of 20 stalls in the area and damages are estimated to be at least 10 million baht. Most of the shops that were destroyed are the ones that primarily sold clothing and second-hand jackets, which the vendors had ordered for the cold season sale. However, the actual cause of the fire is still unknown at this point.