Road collapses reported in many drought-hit provinces


BANGKOK, 6 July 2015 – The drought crisis has been blamed for major road collapses in Ayutthaya, Pathum Thani and other provinces. No one was killed or injured by the incidents.

Sections of up to 88 roads in Pathum Thani collapsed after canals in many areas dried up. Roads in Nong Suer and Klong Luang districts sustained the most damage, as canals run alongside most roads. Motorists are urged to avoid these roads and exercise caution while driving. The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation unit has carried out repair work on 27 roads, and additional funds are being approved to re-open more roads for traffic.

In Ayutthaya, the drought caused water levels in canals around the province to hit record lows, resulting in road collapses. Late on Monday night, the road built along Praya Bunlue Canal collapsed further. The subsidence is over two meters deep and 100 meters long, rendering the road inaccessible for motor vehicles. The collapse followed another major road subsidence nearby, where the crack is almost three meters deep. The cracks are expected to grow without immediate repair.

The sharp drop of the water level in Rapeepat canal in Saraburi’s Nong Sua district has also caused heavy subsidence of a section of road beside the canal, resulting in the closure of the road to traffic.