RID asks farmers in 22 provinces to hold off on planting new crops


Bangkok, 10th September 2018  – The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has told 22 provinces along the Chao Phraya River to hold off on planting any more rice crops in 2018 as the land may be needed for water retention from this month onward.

RID Director-General Thongplew Kongchan has circulated a memo to the governors of 22 provinces along the Chao Phraya River, calling on them to urge their constituents to hold off on planting another rice crop this year. The provinces since May 1 of this year have planted a total 7.06 million rai of rice crops and harvested 2.92 million Rai.

Rice farms are at-risk of damage from flooding between now and October and the RID has identified much of the land in the 22 provinces as required for the retention of water to be saved for the period of drought, expected to follow soon after. Harvesting of existing crops is expected to be completed by mid-September.

The RID has announced its plans to retain water in 13 fields and has asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives to ensure an understanding of the situation among farmers.