Red Bull heir given another chance to surrender to public prosecution


Red Bull energy heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya will be given another chance to turn himself in to meet with public prosecutors to acknowledge charges against him in connection with the death of a traffic policeman in a road accident three years ago.

Mr Sutthi Kittisupaporn, public prosecution director-general of Bangkok South Criminal Litigation Office, said that, if Vorayuth failed to show up by 4 pm on Wednesday without giving any proper reason, public prosecutor in charge of the case would ask police enquiry officers to find out what happened to the suspect and to issue another summons against him.

Failing to answer this summons without a good reason, Mr Sutthi said that the public prosecutor would seek the court’s warrant for the arrest of the Red Bull heir because his failure to turn himself in this time would be considered as an attempt to foot-drag the case.

Vorayuth is facing charges of reckless driving causing death to the other people, failing to stop his car to help the victim and failing to inform the incident to the nearest police.

Mr Sutthi said the victim’s relatives had petitioned the attorney-general to consider whether additional charges could be lodged against Vorayuth regarding his conduct.

But for the time being, he said that the prosecutor would stick to the two original charges which are reckless driving causing death to the other people and failing to stop to help the injured victim.

He explained that, normally, police enquiry officers would be given between 15-20 days to issue summons to a suspect to show up to acknowledge charges.