Reckless bus driver fined and suspended from duty


A mini bus driver was fined 3,000 baht and was suspended from work for a month with his driving license also suspended for 30 days after he was found guilty of reckless driving.


Inspectors of the Land Transport Department and officials of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority on Monday launched a hunt for the driver of bus route 71 shuttling between Patthavikorn housing estate and Wat That Thong with license plate No 14-8096 after a video clip was posted on the social media showing his reckless driving in a way which might cause road accidents.

They finally managed to locate the driver of the mini bus who was identified as Thienchai Suknok.

Thienchai admitted that he drove the bus recklessly because he was chasing another mini bus of the same route which accidentally bumped into the right mirror of his bus. He said he merely wanted to inform the driver of the other bus of the minor mishap.

The officials then fined him 3,000 baht for reckless driving, suspended his driving license for 30 days and suspended him from work for a month. On top of that, he was ordered to attend a course in driving etiquette and public service mindedness for three hours.