Recent rains replenish northeastern dams


Bangkok – Heavy rain and showers over the past two days in many parts of the northeastern region have helped increase the quantity of water held in dams, reducing the severity of the recent drought disaster.

In Bueng Kan, the rainfall has led to a marked increase in the quantity of water stored in nine dams under the supervision of the provincial irrigation project, which now hold 85.37 percent of their overall capacity, as well as benefitting another 44 reservoirs overseen by local administrative organizations. The rain has also helped raise the water level of the Mekong River, which nevertheless remains 11.4 meters below its banks.

In Nong Khai, precipitation in recent days helped fill canals connected to the Mekong with water gates allowing the water to be retained in the canals.

In Khon Kaen, the water level in Ubolrat Dam remains lower than at this time in previous years. The reservoir now holds only 563 million cubic meters of water, or 23 percent of the dam’s capacity, which is well below the average figure from August to October of 1,800 million cubic meters. The dam is discharging 500,000 cubic meters of water daily..

In Loei, many areas are now affected from the drought disaster and continuing lack of rain there, The Governor of Loei, Chaiwat Chuenkosum has ordered related agencies to gather data from affected areas for water retention planning and the construction of dykes, as well as requesting rainmaking operations from a royal rainmaking unit in Khon Kaen.