Rayong officials crackdown on coastline encroachments


Rayong – Local officials in Rayong province have inspected Khao Laem Ya–Mu Ko Samet National Park to crackdown on coastline encroachment.

Authorities visited 4.48 hectares of land deemed by the court to have suffered encroachment by 23 entities in the form of seaside resorts, homes and other developments. The parties involved have been instructed to submit proof of land ownership within 30 days or face prosecution.

Officials also surveyed a 9.6 hectare plot of land that is currently the subject of the “Bian Phungsakul versus Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation” court case. A drone survey revealed that Bian had encroached into another 0.48 hectares of national park land, with another 18 illegal developments discovered.  State agencies subsequently filed charges for unauthorized use of national park land.