Rapist-murderer condemned to death


The Phitsanuloke provincial court dismissed the confession of a rapist-murderer as unuseful and condemned him to death for raping and killing a 14-year old girl.


A neighbor of the victim, 46-year old Son Hoompiang went to the house of the victim’s parents to borrow a charger. Upon seeing the victim wearing shorts, he admitted he was sexually aroused and verbally molested the girl who rejected his rude approach.

The two engaged in a quarrel and, in a fit of anger, Son grabbed a rope and strangled the girl to death and then raped her. After the crime, he hid in a maize plantation about three kilometres from the crime scene but was arrested the following day.

The court said the defendant confessed because the evidence against him was so overwhelming that his confession was not useful to the trial. The court added that there was no reason to commute the sentence and condemned to death.