Ranger wounded in presumed insurgent attack on Pattani base


PATTANI, Jan 30 — One Thai government ranger was wounded in a presumed insurgent assault on their Pattani base, while four local residents were killed, and five were wounded, in a roadside attack on their vehicle somewhat later. 

The authorities believe the assailants in both incidents were the same group.

The victims were taken to Nong Chik hospital, were the wounded are being treated.

According to the authorities, an unknown number of men used an M-79 grenade launcher in their attack on ranger base in Nong Chik district, with one solder slightly wounded by fragments of the projectile.

The rangers pursued the attackers, attempting to capture the group. On the Pattani to Yala Route 418, they came on the wreck of a bullet-riddled pickup truck where they found four dead persons and five others wounded. All were taken to hospital.

The authorities initially believed the assailants attacked the ranger base, later firing on the pick up truck as they were fleeing

Investigators did not speculate regarding what group was responsible for the incidents.