Ramathibodi Hospital announces successful distorted breast surgery


BANGKOK, April 20 – State-operated Ramathibodi Hospital on Friday announced successful distorted breast surgery using less time and less bleeding than previous surgical procedures.

The success replaces a previous form of operation which needs both longer time and causes more bleeding, leaving patients with big wounds.

Asst Prof Wichai Pansrimangkorn of the hospital’s Division of Pediatric Surgery will speak on such developments in breast surgery, which is considered minor, at an international seminar Monday and Tuesday April 23-24 at the hospital joined by 20 physicians from abroad–including Australia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

Ramathibodi Hospital has studied methodologies to help patients with distorted breasts for seven years.

Prof Wichai said a stainless steel bar is placed inside the body for several years to hold the breastbone so that its shape becomes normal. The process takes 30 minutes, with a videoscope being used to observe inside the chest. Patients then rest for 4-5 days at the hospital.

The surgery, which costs around Bt50,000, is suitable for children aged 9-12 years old, and can help fix the bent spine problem. He continued that in the past, major surgery is needed to cut some of the ribs’ soft bones.

Around three-fourths of chest deformities are found in Thailand. Patients with such conditions are mostly not affected regarding their lung or heart systems, but rather they lack confidence and may lose jobs due to psychological or self-perception issues.