Ramathibodi doctors begin treatment for 12-year-old girl tortured by kidnappers


BANGKOK, 20 February 2013  Doctors at Ramathibodi hospital in Bangkok have begun treatment for the 12-year-old Karen girl who was severely abused by her Thai kidnappers who tortured her while keeping her as a household slave. 

Children’s shelter officials from Kamphaengphet province and Prime Minister’s Office spokesperson, Dr. Thossaphon Serirak, brought the girl to Ramathibodi hospital for advanced treatment that was beyond the scope available in Kamphaengphet province.

Dr. Athi Khrueawit, a reconstructive surgery specialist at the hospital, said the scald wounds on the girl’s arms, shoulders and back made her unable to lift or spread her arms, or extend her elbow. He said doctors will grow new tissue and use tissue transfer on the wounds. The entire treatment, consisting of surgeries and physical rehabilitation, may take more than 2 years. Dr. Athi said the girl’s mental aspect also needs to be rehabilitated, although the patient’s mentality has improved.

The Thai government will shoulder all expenses of the girl’s treatment.

The girl was reportedly kidnapped when she was 7 years old and had until recently been forced to run household choirs for her kidnappers, a Kamphaengphet couple who are now on the run. She suffered regular beatings; her scald wounds were acquired when the couple locked her in a dog cage and doused her with hot water.