Raj Pracha Samasai Foundation successfully lowers leprosy infection rates in Thailand


BANGKOK – Raj Pracha Samasai Foundation under the Royal Patronage of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej has been able to contain the spread of leprosy in Thailand since its inception nearly six decades ago.


Speaking during a daily program ‘Thailand Moving Forward’, the Foundation’s Chairman Dr. Teera Ramasoota expressed his appreciation for the late King who established the Raj Pracha Samasai Foundation in 1960 to help people with leprosy.

The foundation offers medical treatment and skills development programs for leprosy patients as well as conducts research on the disease. In 2011, Raj Pracha Samasai Foundation launched a project which was aimed at lowering a number of leprosy patients and honoring His Majesty the King.

The foundation has successfully met World Health Organization’s standards by being able to reduce one infection for every one million people. Through Raj Pracha Samasai Foundation’s continuous efforts, the infection rate eventually went down to 0.11% for every 10,000 people. Only 527 people in Thailand were found to with leprosy last year.