Public health ministry warns of dengue fever spread


BANGKOK, 4 October 2015 – Permanent Secretary for Public Health M.D.Sophon Mekthon has warned those who have a high fever in the rainy season to be cautious since they might have been infected with dengue fever.

The official said dengue fever cases were usually found from the end of the rainy season to winter and it could infect all groups of people. Statistics from the Bureau of Epidemiology showed that there were more than 80,000 dengue fever patients nationwide and 82 of them had died. Most of the patients were 15-24 years old. At-risk people included overweight people, diabetic patients and people with high blood pressure or asthma, said M.D.Sophon.

The permanent secretary suggested those who had a high fever, headache, nausea suspect that they were infected with dengue fever. He advised them to seek medical care and not to buy medicines themselves, especially strong antipyretic and painkillers.