Public Health Ministry urges all state hospitals to promote meditation as supporting treatment


BANGKOK, 26 February 2013 The Public Health Ministry has urged all state hospitals to promote the practice of meditation as the means to treat and prevent illnesses. 

Deputy Public Health Minister Cholanan Srikaew, on Monday, called on the people of Thailand to consider making Maka Bucha Day the start of meditation practice, which is considered a possible approach to take care of health.

Mr. Cholanan said meditation costs nothing and is simply a technique to relax mind and ease stress, which is also an effective way to help solve all problems.

The Deputy Public Health Minister stated that when a mind is clear and at peace, such negative energy as anxiety, grief and anger will be better negated while all systems inside the body, such as respiratory system, metabolism and blood pressure, will work normally.

He elaborated that the Public Health Ministry has initiated a policy for all state hospitals to start giving out meditation tips to patients and their relatives through audio speakers inside their premises.

Mr. Cholanan stated that around 65% of hospitals under the supervision of the ministry have commenced the campaign, which is hoped to help calm down patients and relatives while keeping them away from all stress-related health problems, such as migraine, heart disease and high blood pressure.

The Deputy Public Health Minister went on to say that meditation can induce Endorphins, which are endogenous opioid peptides and can help freshen up the body and boost immunity.