Public Health Ministry: No medicine shortages in flood affected zones


BANGKOK, 31 October 2011 -The Ministry of Public Health has insisted that the supply of medicines for flood victims is sufficient even though over 10 production factories have been affected by the deluge.

Public Health Minister Mr Wittaya Buranasiri said despite the disruption to the production of 393 registered medicines, they have been stocked up in advance of the flooding. He assured there were no reports of the shortage.

Moreover, the stocks of medicines have been kept on the second floor of each factory. However, the Minister added that deliveries could be slow particularly to areas with high flood levels. In an attempt to prevent further impact, Mr Wittaya said he would propose to the cabinet this week three viable options.

The first measure is to hire a new manufacturer of the same drugs which is unaffected by the flood. The second measure is to import certain drugs with an approval from the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, and lastly, is to expedite the distribution of undelivered medicines from flooded factories.

The Food and Drugs Administration and Thailand Post Co. Ltd will cooperate in distributing and delivering necessary drugs to flood affected areas.