Public Health keeping eye on new respiratory virus outbreak


BANGKOK, 15 February 2013 Public Health Ministry is currently keeping a close watch on Corona virus, the type of acute respiratory disease in Thailand; after the World Health Organization issued a warning that 11 people have reportedly come down with the disease overseas. 

Public Health Minister Dr. Pradit Sinthawanarong said no similar case has been reported in Thailand so far, but health agencies across the country will be vigilant in order to prevent the outbreak of the virus.

According to him, the symptoms of Coronavirus are similar to those of avian flu. Patient usually come down with high fever and display severe respiratory distress. Hospitals and other health centers should monitor patients with such symptoms.

Meanwhile, patients with respiratory problems in Thailand have been found to have bacterial infection in their lungs, which is not fatal. In Thailand, around 16,000 cases of patients with pneumonia were reported between January 1st and February 4th., 28 of whom died. The Ministry of Public Health said it was a seasonal occurrence.

However, Thais planning to go overseas are urged to take extra care of their health and to frequently wash their hands. They should also seek medical advice immediately if they develop the symptoms.