Public Health: Hand, foot and mouth crisis to die down in a month


BANGKOK, 24 July 2012  – The Public Health Ministry has confirmed that the hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) crisis will die down in a month, reiterating that the virus has not mutated. 

Deputy Public Health Minister Dr Surawit Khonsomboon said the ministry will be able to control the hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak within 4-6 weeks. He stated the number of new infections has been reduced this week.

As for the case of the two-year-old girl who died last week, Dr Surawit said Enterovirus 71, a strain of HFMD, was found in the girl’s throat but not in her spinal cord. He added that further examinations will be conducted to find the true cause of death.

The deputy minister also affirmed that the virus did not mutate, saying this virus strain is normally found in Thailand. He added the government has prepared prevention measures and will be able to provide assistance to neighboring countries, if requested.