Public Health alert to dengue fever spread


BANGKOK, 19 July 2011 – The number of patients infected with dengue fever in Thailand has been reported at 23,324 people so far this year and is expected to rise further during the rainy period from July to August.

According to Permanent Secretary for Public Health Medical Doctor Paijit Warachit, the most worrying groups prone to the disease infection transmitted by mosquitoes include children less than one year of age and senior citizens, especially those having chronic diseases.

Out of the 23,324 patients this year, 52% are between 10 and 24 years old while a number of 647 patients are infants under one year, and 190 others are senior citizens aged over 65. Thirteen people have been killed by dengue fever thus far.

Medical Doctor Paijit added that the number of patients usually peak during the rainy season or July-August each year; as a result, the ministry has set a goal to keep infections and death rate as low as possible.

All hospitals have been instructed to cure patients having dengue fever in every age group carefully while people themselves are asked to eliminate mosquito breeding sites inside and outside their accommodations every seven days.