Provinces across Thailand gearing up for Songkran festival


BANGKOK, 4 April 2014  – Authorities in many provinces are stepping up safety measures for tourists ahead of the annual Songkran festival.

In Bueng Kan Province, police officers have been ordered to patrol streets and communities and crack down on drugs, crime, and illegal weapons, in order to ensure safety for tourists prior to the upcoming holiday of Songkran.

Meanwhile, in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, checkpoints have been set up in various locations to facilitate the travelling of commuters and reduce road casualties. Traffic police have also been ordered to enforce strict law on driving under the influence and safety helmets.

Ratchaburi is another province where festival goers will enjoy water-splashing activities as they can treat themselves to mouth-watering foods, a beauty contest, cultural activities, and local sporting competitions. Both Thai and foreign tourists are welcomed to join the Songkran festival there.