Protest leader Suthep rejects govt’s win-win resolution


BANGKOK, Jan 15 – Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban lashed out at the embattled government for its win-win proposition to end the political stalemate, insisting that the Thai people will be the only winner in the showdown.  

He told a huge crowd at Pathumwan last night that the Thaksin regime must be completely wiped out and Yingluck Shinawatra must leave the caretaker premiership to pave the way for a national reform by the people.

He said protesters have flatly turned down the government’s proposal to postpone the general election from Feb 2 to May 4, adding that “We are not interested in delaying the election for a few months. Thai people who own the country are focusing on the future of the new generations. There is no compromise with the Thaksin regime.”

“We are not arrogant. People have been patient for a decade and witnessed the country shattered with their own eyes. The government and Parliament have exploited the people’s power for their own interest. They are traitors and tyrants, compelling the people to reclaim their sovereignty,” said Mr Suthep.

The former deputy prime minister said he has been repeatedly asked on how many days the Bangkok shutdown will last.

“My reply was: Don’t ask. This time we will fight until we win. People said they are willing to fight though it may take years. Please don’t pressure or negotiate with me. I’m only the medium of the people.”

Mr Suthep said he will present a gold whistle to Patchanan Leeluan who courageously blew her whistle at Ms Yingluck during the latter’s recent visit to Khao Kor in Phetchabun province.

“Wherever you meet her (Ms Yingluck), blow your whistle at her. We have more gold whistles ready for you,” he said good-naturedly.

Akanat Promphan, spokesman of the anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) , said the group will definitely not participate in the government’s initiated political forum today.

If the government resigns from its caretaker status, we will be willing to talk, he said.

Mr Suthep is scheduled to lead a march from Asoke intersection to Ekamai and Thonglor, off Sukhumvit Road, today to urge people to join the Bangkok shutdown which was kicked off on Monday.