Probe ordered for free school milk on sale in Cambodia


Agriculture Minister Chatchai Sarikalya on Monday ordered an investigation, to be completed in seven days, to find out how free school milk for primary students has turned up for sale in Cambodia and who are to be held accountable.

Probe ordered for free school milk on sale in Cambodia

The probe follows reports, which were later confirmed, that UHT school milk which were produced by Wang Namyen cooperatives and distributed free for primary students in Wang Namyen district of Prachin Buri were displayed for sale at the Asian market department store in Cambodia’s Siem Reap district.

Agriculture permanent secretary Thirapat Prayoonsit was assigned by General Chatchai to form a fact-finding panel which is headed by Mr Sakchai Sriboonyuen, the deputy permanent secretary.

The minister said that the Wang Namyen cooperatives will face the axe if it can be ascertained the cooperatives was involved in the illegal act.

Meanwhile, a group of reporters was taken for a tour of the school milk production line at Wang Namyen cooperatives.

Chairman of the cooperatives, Mr Amnuay Thongkok, said that, despite the controversy, the cooperatives is still operating as usual and has been producing over one million packs of milk daily for sale and for distribution to its contracted customers, including state agencies.