Princess to open ‘To Be No. 1’ dance contest Valentine’s Day


HRH Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya will be in Pattaya Monday to open the latest “To Be No. 1” dancercise contest at Jomtien Beach’s Ambassador City Hotel.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay chaired a planning meeting Wednesday to finalize plans for the competition as well as review the results of the Jan. 15-16 To Be No. 1 Dancercise Championship at Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

Contestants from Thailand’s central and eastern regions will take part in the Valentine’s Day contest.

The To Be No. 1 Foundation was set up by the princess to help keep Thailand’s youth away from drugs. The dance competitions play on youngster’s love of music to get them working in groups of 12-20 kids to be creative and motivated to compete.