Prime Minister stresses his intention to bring peace to the country


BANGKOK, (NNT) – The Prime Minister reiterated that he has carried out everything to bring peace to the country and solve Thailand’s problem in all aspects.

Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha chaired the meeting of the committee in charge of preparing the country’s reformation. He started the meeting by thanking everyone who had worked with him over the past two years, affirming that he had tried to do everything to bring peace to the country in order to reach the goal of stability, prosperity and sustainability.

He said that the country has many problems and some people may be dissatisfied with the government’s operations, but he stressed that the government has been trying to protect the majority, especially the low-income earners.

The operations aimed at solving the country’s problems have proceeded in accordance with the road-map. Another important role of the government is to promote public awareness and understand the main ideas of the various of national reformation.